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    Workout Program Help

    I am 22 yrs old.
    I did a pretty good cycle of s-drol a while back and I am going to start my cycle of havoc soon.
    My problem is this.
    I have to train everyday at 6 in the morning for football.
    We spend about 5mins per workout, and do pretty much full body.
    I dont really get to spend the time I would like to on each muscle group with this program.
    This is why I go to the gym at night, 8 o clock.
    Should I just take the havoc an hour before my 8 o clock workout?
    I am forced to workout twice a day because of football.
    I am having a hard time desiding when to take the havoc is my issue.
    When i workout at night i get the full workout, and really work the muscles.
    what would you suggest I do?

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    Split the dose up. You didn't say what dose you were going to take, but if its 30mg, take 1 before your morning work out, one in the mid afternoon, and one before your night workout.

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