Adding ethenate..when??

  1. Adding ethenate..when??

    Okay, the next tren/test transdermal cycle is coming up. I want to run it for 4 weeks, then just test for another 4 to see if it helps in reguards to the "fina shutdown" if I end the cycle with just test. To do this, I want to use test ethenate. My question is, when during the transdermal cycle should I begin the test ethenate so I have a smooth transition from the transdermal to the injectable?

    Can any bros help me with this one?

  2. Most likely at the end of week 3 and without front loading.  Anyone else?

    This is interesting...what is you dosing going to be like?


  3. I have no clue on what you should do, but I'm very interested in the results! Whatever you end up doing, please keep us posted.

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  4. The plan is to run 4 weeks transdermal fina and test at 135mg/day test and 100 mg/day fina (those absorption numbers are based on the transdermal formula getting a 35% absorption rate, in other words, applying 390 mg test a day and 285mg fina per day.)

    Now this last 4 week cycle, recovery from the fina has not been what I would call pleasing. The equipment operates, but not at its usual level of Therefore my thought is..if I am going to have issues, might as well run this bad boy for the full 8 weeks, but not run the fina for the last 4, and see how recovery goes.

    To do this, I figure run test enthenate at about 1000mg/week for the last 4 weeks. My only question was, as I stated, when do I begin running it.

    I will certainly keep you all informed.

  5. I first need to know what kinda test u are useing with the fina....then i can tell you when yo start the enen...remember enen take 4 weeks to kick u dont want to start the enen to late if you are useing a fast acting test with the fina liek prop...

    if you are running prop od susp with the fina i would start the ene week 2 of the cycle...week 2.5 at the latest...because the ene is going to take 3.5- 4 weeks and the prop is going to slow down about 1.5 to 2 weeks after you stop useing it....

  6. another note...i would run the fina for 6 weeks bro...atleast 5...i dont feel 4 week you will get the best results from it....IMO
  7. Cool

    Is that your GF shot? In your avatar? Rowr......

  8. It is TNE shot. I am using it transdermally, so esters would interfere with absorption

  9. Originally posted by wardog
    It is TNE shot. I am using it transdermally, so esters would interfere with absorption
    I would run it how i said...


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