Test E vs. Test C Question

  1. Test E vs. Test C Question

    OK - someone with patience for this one: I've worked in research for years, imported and exported all kinds of stuff, so it's all nonsensical crap to me as far as legal stuff goes. I've been researching AS for about a year, finished my 1st cycle about 4 weeks ago. Until about a month ago I didn't even know homebrewing was an option, so I'm psyched.

    I know that the battle of which form of test is best rages on. Some say "test is test," others have preferences.

    I've been researching homebrewing options (having a lab to work in is a plus), and my question is this: I'm told that Test cypionate is legal in the US (where I am) but Test enanthate is not. Does anyone know why this would be?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. I think both are legal with a script, neither with out.

    Test is test but you have to count in the weight of the ester. Each mg of test cyp is going to have a little less actual test than test prop and even less than test base. If you are very concerned about dose just find the weight of the praticular ester you are using and adjust up accordingly.

  3. yes both are legal with a script.. and yes the good thing about using cyp or eth over test prop or test base is the number of injections. test cyp and test eth you can do once a week or twice a week and test prop, you would need to do at least every other day (EOD). If you are doing transdermal, I think that test base would be the best way for you to go..

  4. You will find more test cyp. in the US b/c Upjohn makes it for use in HRT and that is the common test given out by doctors.

  5. Test is illegal regardless of ester or your physical location in the US.


  6. Originally posted by Chemo
    Test is illegal regardless of ester or your physical location in the US.

    Not if the doctor writes you a script for it.

  7. LOL.. Nice picture size..

  8. Originally posted by size
    Not if the doctor writes you a script for it.
    hehehe...I did leave that part out


  9. Damn, that's pretty!

  10. I was put on Test C and none of the pharmacies in the Phoenix Valley have it in stock and it is back ordered. I ended up going to a compounding pharm and they made it for me. Not sure how easy it is to actually get


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