Poll: Which Acne Product Worked Best For You?

Whats ur Favorite Acne Product for AAS Use?

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  1. Salicylic acid and nizoral shampoo. The nizoral worked wonders for me. I had acne on my upper arms, back and some on my chest and within 3 days of cleaning with the Niz my acne was getting better. Its now 3 weeks later since I first tried it and my back has cleared completely and chest about 80%. The acne was from a test/winny cycle.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by P4D2A022 View Post
    awesome post bro!
    Thanks bro. If my experiences can save anyone else some time and frustration Im happy.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by youngstunna50 View Post
    topical tretnoin gel is workin well combating my acne
    i believe that is run of the mill retin-a. no? that stuff was a little harsh for my taste.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jomi822 View Post
    i believe that is run of the mill retin-a. no? that stuff was a little harsh for my taste.

    Retin-A is the most well known brand name for tretinoin. There isnt really any difference between Retin-A and generic tretinoin. But they do come in several different concentrations. The first batch I tried was too harsh for me. Just as what you experienced. It was like even a little dab would cause dry itchy painful chaffing. But now I use the 0.05% version and it's alot easier to cover the whole affected area without too much of the drug being systemically distributed. Maybe you'd have better luck with a lower concentration. I know I couldnt even stick with it longer than a week or so w/ the stronger concentration because the sides were absolutely excrutiatingly unbareable. They even make a 0.025% version if youre really sensitive. Plus the right kind of moisturizer is key.
    I like cetaphil. Some people like regular vasoline intensive care or aquaphor. My derm gave some other kind too, but I forget the name. (he only gave me a tiny sample.)

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    Oral antibiotics are best. Safe, effective, and fast acting. Creams and lotions take too long to work and are mild. B5 is hit or miss. Accutane has a negative impact on lipids for some people, and that's bad when used with AS. Only catch with oral antiobiotics is they shouldn't be used for more than 4 weeks per year because you run the risk of developing resistance to them and they also destroy beneficial bacteria.

    But outside of steroid use, creams/lotions are best because they are safest for long-term use
    My dermo had me on tetricycline and then minocycline each for like 18 months a piece. My skin never really completely cleared up during any point of those 3 years of usage. Are you saying that I was taking antibiotics that I was immune to for 148 of those 156 weeks?

  6. Same, I was on different anti-biotics for 6+ months solid and got zero help from it after the first month or two.

  7. i used proactive and didnt really work.. now i use Oxy the face wash(10% benzo) the little oxy pads (2% salicylic) and the oxy cream (10% benzo) and it works great

  8. who makes this oxy line bro?

  9. Buy Oxy Acne Wash, Maximum Strength Online at drugstore.com

    hmm buy all 3 and use together,, make sure its the 10% benzo and the oxy pads (2%sali) i get mine from walmart

  10. yo thanks bro! im gonna try it out

  11. Quote Originally Posted by jomi822 View Post
    Dawn antibacterial dish soap. works like an absolute charm.

    put it on the face, back, shoulders, and chest.
    AHHH....hell yea, old scool trick. i'm glad i'm not alone on this one. this meathod works the best for me, others are spending much money on this or that.....i can pick up a bottle of Dawn for 3 bucks, and get results.

  12. those medications do not always solve the problem. if your acne was bad enough that those medications did not solve the problem i am surprised you and your doctor did not look into accutane. did he even run simple blood tests to determine if it might be an option? tretnoin medications? topical antibiotics?

    it sounds like you acne cleared up simple because of aging out of puberty, rather than antibiotic use.

  13. This might sound odd, but Melanotan actually cleared up a lot of my acne.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by jomi822 View Post
    Dawn antibacterial dish soap. works like an absolute charm.

    put it on the face, back, shoulders, and chest.
    Thats funny, I acctually work at the plant that produces all of the dawn, joy, and ivory dish soaps. A big pipe busted open one day spilling soap all over the roof. After squeeging the roof off for hours my feet were soaked with water and dish soap and not a pair of dry socks to be found, so I walked around with soapy shoes for the next 10 hours. next day noticed my feet itched really bad, took a look at them and the entire top layer of skin on my foot had died off and was starting to peel.

    I'll have to try this method, considering I have first hand experience on how powerful that Sh!T is!


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