does this require a post cycle?

  1. does this require a post cycle?

    im on my first pH cycle ever at just 300mg of 1-ad a day for 3 weeks (one bottle, cutting cycle). would you suggest an anti-e for post cycle or what?

  2. I believe the inteligent ones would tell you it may not be necessary bt its always better to be safe than sorry. If you keep just 2 extra pounds isnt ot woryh the 25$ for liq clomid?

  3. but if he is cutting it is not about gaining even two pounds but preserving what he has, so i would say you could get away with it--the clomid would probably be over kill

  4. I think cutting makes clomid or nolva even more important. Your cals are already going to be low...cortisol high, add in slightly out of wack androgen levels and you could get really catabolic fast. Plus, anti-e's help with estrogenic fat. Cough up the cash for clomid bro....never know how you might get shut down as its your first time. Do you really want to risk the chances of being small, weak, and LIMP?

  5. Im a poor college kid the idea has run through my mind more than once do I really need this after crap but I always come back to when im natural I work my ass off to movethe needle on the scale two pounds in a week of eating real clean so why when Ive spent money on phs wouldnt I work my ass off to keep anything Ive gained. pLus you get an estroen rebound post cycle which will smooth you out so if you are cutting you probably want to minimize that spike with a titrading anti-e post cycle

  6. if you are cutting i would definately run nolvadex post cycle, i also highly recomend throwing in some clenbuterol post cycle as well. clen has both thermogenic and anti-catabolic properties which are both very useful post cycle when cutting

  7. IMHO, 1-AD, by itself, is not good for a cutting cycle.  It made me so hungry (at 600mg/day) I was eating everything in sight.  I gained a TON of strength and about 15 pounds lean weight in 8 weeks (which is too long to be "on" but the gains kept coming).  I actually started using an ECA at week 5 just to curb my appetite (I have a real fear of fat!).

    The depressing thing about using strong stuff like 1-AD is the addiction.  Whether it's physiological or psychological, yo u WILL lose some of your size/strength gains post-cycle.  Anything you can do to minimize that is a good idea.

  8. can i use 6-oxo? i cant order things online, so i have to go with whetever the vitaminshoppe has

  9. Originally posted by ironbeamz
    can i use 6-oxo? i cant order things online, so i have to go with whetever the vitaminshoppe has
    Sure you can - that's its main use.

    I have to amend my post above a little bit.  Three weeks of 1-AD at 300mg/day is a pretty light cycle.  I did not even start feeling anything until the end of week 3 and I was using 600mg/day.  I made the best gains weeks 4-8.

    Wait until you're in the middle of your third week to evaluate your situation.  If the "boys" have shrunk, you've busted out in acne, etc., then I would go with the 6-Oxo.  Otherwise some Tribulus (like Fuzu) post-cycle may be all you need.

    Most important - keep working out!  Don't back off when the 1-AD runs out.

  10. alright im gonna go with it. im about halfway through this cycle and i already have some more acne and lowered libido. yes this cycle was light because its more of an experimental cycle than anything. my next cycle will probably be 300-600mg over 4 weeks or so


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