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    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Lately there has been an increase in source issue posts in the steroid forum that are not really acceptable.

    As the rules state; the discussion of the use of steroids is not illegal.

    Lately there have been posts asking about the quality of such and such source with so and so source names. Saying I bought such and such from so and so, and I was curious about their quality, sounds very much like saying you can get such and such from so and so. You with me?

    The rules state; the talking about buying steroids is illegal.

    These rules are here to protect the ownership and membership. Please refrain from posting such threads in the future.

    Thank you.
    Source Posting Rules

    Remember: Talking about steroid/illegal drug use on an internet forum is perfectly legal and the discussion aspect will NOT change

    Talking about buying and/or selling steroids/illegal substances on an internet forum is illegal!

  2. If anyone is found to be discussing any form of sourcing, source checks, or any violation otherwise of the source rules, via PM, you will be banned immediately.

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