Where to find a 1-Test transdermal?

  1. Where to find a 1-Test transdermal?

    I've been looking around on a couple of websites and I can't seem to find anywhere to buy any of the 1-test products I've been looking at or hearing about. Where can you buy Super One+ or T-1 Pro at? I found one site that carries Super One+ but I have yet to find a site that sells T-1Pro. Can anyone help or give me any other suggestions for a T-1 transdermal?

  2. LOL. Just click member store at the top of this page and shop away.

  3. damn bro, you managed to register here and post but don't know where to get T1?! LOL, have another look around brother

  4. LOL Damn john didn't I send you over here from bb.com?

  5. This site offers Super One+? I can't find it and they also don't cary the T-1 Pro from what I see too...guess Power Nutrition bought it all out but I'm sure Power Nutrition isn't the only place to order it from. From what I'm getting at this site only wants you to buy T-1 Final.

  6. Oh and Power Nutrition is also out of T-1 Pro.

  7. If powernutrition is out of T1Pro then you are out of luck. BDC Nutrition a.k.a anabolicminds made T1Pro not Super One+. If you are dead set on a T1Pro cycle then you can buy some bulk 1-Test and add it to your T1Final. I'm sure you will see excellent gains from the T1Final without the added 1-Test.

  8. Ok man:

    FOR SUPER ONE+ GO HERE http://www.1fast400.com

    FOR T1 FINAL GO HERE http://bdcnutrition.com/membershop/

    You are correct, T1 Pro is sold out at powernutrition, but if you like you can just add some 1-test powder (available here http://www.1fast400.com) to it to make the old T1 Pro formula)


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