Cutting with 1-T

  1. Cutting with 1-T

    If I wanted to do a cutting cycle with 1-test do you think it would be better to do a 1-test/4-AD cycle or just a pure 1-test cycle?

    Also, how many grams of PH/PS can you add to either AL or BDC Gels?

  2. For cutting, I like 1-test by itself....or 1-test at a ratio of 2:1 with 4ad. The $ad will fight off the lathargy and libido issue most experience from 1-test.


  3. Bump Chi! In answer to your other question, about 15g in an 8oz bottle, around 7-8 in a 4oz.

  4. Thanks guys! One more question.

    Can I do a CKD diet with the 1-test or do I need to up the calories somewhere? I'll also be taking an E/C/A to help with tiredness since I am on week 2 of CKD and feeling tired as shiot!

  5. I'd raise your cals to maintenance level but stay on the CKD. The 1-test will take care of the extra cals and then some. Don't know what your current BF is but you might want to add a mid week refeed to help.

  6. I've found that the 1 test makes great use of a few extra calories. I would continue your normal cutting regime and do maintenance calories at least for the first 4 weeks, which is how long the 1 test REALLY works, after that the effects seem to taper off a bit.


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