Strength down in first week On cycle

  1. Strength down in first week On cycle

    I'm running...

    Phera-vol- 30/45/45/45
    Methyl-drol- 10/20/20/30
    WinZtrol (Mega-zol) - 150x4

    I'm just ending my first week. I hit legs/shoulders/bis today and my legs were pretty weak, and my knees seemed to be giving out a little easier than normal. I felt like I needed to wrap my legs when squatting 365 when I normally only wrap past 405. I've been squatting 405x4 in the past few weeks natural, today I couldn't get more than 3 for 365. I'm wondering if it's my body getting used to the hormones, if it's the new diet I'm on (lower carbs), or if it's the WinZtrol drying my joints out. It seems like it's only my leg strength that has been effected. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? I HATE seeing my stength drop unless there is a good reason, and since it's my first week on cycle it makes me even more upset.

  2. I would guess that it is the reduced carbs and not the hormones. Is this the first time that your strength has been effected or is it a continuing thing?

  3. definately the lowered carbs. whenever my carbs go down, my strength goes to ****ing hell. i know how ya feel. I'm assuming your doing a cutting cycle, and thats a pretty powerful stack you've got there... so my advice would be to up your carbs slightly, but increase your low intensity cardio to make up for it. that way you'll keep shedding bf but keep more of ur strength.

  4. You'll be fine Irish Cannon. By now you might already be done with the cycle, but I can tell you when I stacked PP with SD, my strength went through the roof. Mass only increased about 10 lbs or so though, average. Either way these guys are right, it's probly just carbs. Eat a bunch of rice and pasta!

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