Post cycle??

  1. Post cycle??

    OK im just finshing my tren / 4ad cycle and was wondering i f i could take my clen/ t3 along with nolva/clomid.. or should i wait till the end of the 3 weeks of nolva/clomid??

  2. Wait. You don't want to start cutting too early following a cycle. Keeping the cals. up is very important to maintaining that hard earned muscle during that cycle. Post cycle nutrition and supps. mean everything to keeping those gains.

    Another thing to keep in mind is many suggest taking clen/t3 with an AAS due to muscle wasting.

  3. I have heard of many taking the clen post cycle, due to its anti-catabolic effects. However, I haven't heard of many taking T3 during post cycle.

  4. I would say no, taking T3 and clen now and it works unbelievably well but it is also hard to keep muscle mass while on it. Go with the clen to help keep fat down some but save the t3 for a cutting cycle.

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