Quick question

  1. Quick question

    I've never used orals before, and I just got some British Dragon 10mg Dianabol tabs. Jus wonderin, these pills are real small! Has any one had these before, and if so, how big were they. Thanks. And yes it does say BD on 1 side nd 10 on the other so i THINK they r legit. thanks..

  2. i had them about the size of your pinky nail?

  3. I mean they look legit, but these are really small... I would say smaller than my pinkey nail.. are these real?

  4. i was wondering if the british dragon dinabol tabs were any good

  5. Are they any good? I mean they're dianabol and do what dbol does

    You can do a quick google search on the BD dbol and see pretty quick if what you have looks legit.

  6. 10mg of powder is extremely small... like the head of a pin. So even with lots of binder, you would expect the tablets to be small.

  7. Yep..., these are real. Starting the cycle next week... thanks guys

  8. i have taken some time off 6 months how long should one work out before trying
    any advise on what to start taking
    im 240lbs 6'2" the only supplements that i've done that has really made a diff is V.P.x. synergy but they dont make it any more

  9. how old are you?

  10. im 30

  11. I'm 30

  12. BD 10mg tabs are extremely small. Smaller than your pinky nail. End of story.

  13. what dosage and length are you planning on running them. I just got 200. I might do 50mg for 6 weeks, but i've never used dbol before so i might start lower...


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