Everyone is out of Nolva!! help!!!

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  1. Everyone is out of Nolva!! help!!!

    Hey folks..

    Im in a situation, I had to start my bottle of nolva 2 weeks into my T1-Pro cycle to control gyno, so now I am going to need more to get through my post cycle. Problem is liquid research/solutions are both out of nolva and clomid. Can someone please post another legit source???

    PLEASE respond if you read this. I am begging!

  2. Click the banner up top for ScienSupply...look for a link that says "Research Chemicals" and order away. Tell them BDC sent you...


  3. got mine in 2 days frof heff.

  4. who is heff?

  5. Originally posted by dannyboy5000
    who is heff?

    The man who runs sciensupply.



  6. pumpnpose.com good?

  7. Originally posted by dannyboy5000
    pumpnpose.com good?
    yep, they'll do just fine

  8. liquid research just emailed me that they just got a shipment in.

  9. sciencsupply doesnt sell nolva.

    i just checked. (unless their out as well)

    Zack, how do i go about ordering form LR? --- it still says that they are out.

  10. LiquidTam IN STOCK!
    LiquaTam Sim'Novadex
    for research use only!
    40mgs/ml 30ml

  11. oh ok, i misread that, but $60 is too much.

    thx tho

    EDIT: ok, i get it, its more concentrated, sweet.

  12. wtf!

    liquid research is not accepting paypal now. would the virtual credit card work ?

  13. Virtual Credit Card??????? What's that? Paypal is a bunch of crooks!

  14. I ordered from pumpnpose.com and had no problems. They are cheaper and I received my package by Priority Mail in about 3 days.

  15. Originally posted by Kitchen Chemist
    Virtual Credit Card??????? What's that? Paypal is a bunch of crooks!
    i dunno what that is either. i dont like the fact that something like paypal has access to my account #'s. nor do i like giving my number's out over the web. i closed my account with paypal about 2 weeks ago.

    just today i ordered a lot of stuff from 1fast, and i had some trouble with loading different pages after/before account # entries. everyone should have a tel. # so customers can pay that way, IMO.

  16. Virtual credit card is a feature that enables you to use a paypal assigned credit card number to buy stuff.

    I ordered a bottle of clomid from pumpnpose, hopefully it will make it =P

  17. Why wouldn't it?

  18. Liquidresearch has nolva back in stock now, just ordered it

  19. Hey I got some clomid now from pumpnpose, came in 4 days. It keeps crystalizing in the bottle though! It said to put in a pan of water and heat on low for 15 minutes until solution is clear. I did that, 2 times now, and It keeps crystalizing like 5 or 6 hours later. I have it stored on the counter of my kitchen in about 70 degrees, with the bottle being completely sealed.

  20. I think they mix with water and that is the reason it isn't staying in solution, when it's warm its hot it does but not when it cools down. This happened to be when i tried a 50/50 mix of alcohol and water.

  21. Third time now I have had it in water over the stove, i kept it in 20 minutes this time and so far its been like 5 hours and its still clear, maybe its good now =P

  22. god damn that **** tastes bad!!!! Cant I mix it with my OJ ?

  23. Relax about the clomid dropping out of solution, it used to happen to me all the time. It is simple, fill a coffee cup with hot water, toss it in the nuke, then AFTER you take the cup out of the nuke, simply put your clomid vial in it while you take your shower. By the time you are done, it is back in solution again. It usually will drop out every 4-5 days sometimes more, depending on the weather.

  24. I can't believe pnp would not use alcohol though, the powder is cheap enough and it'd wouldn't even cost them a whole $2 to fix this.....


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