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Testosterone In A Tube

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    Testosterone In A Tube

    Auxilium Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s first product is a gel called Testim, sold in small one-dose tubes and prescribed for men with low testosterone levels.

    Patients rub it on their arms and shoulders to restore normal levels of the hormone and combat the sagging sex drive, low energy, depression and dwindling muscle mass and bone density a deficiency can cause.

    just an excerpt from:

    looks interesting!

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    i wonder if its similair to DHEA? anyhow, my father is 50 yrs. old, and he uses DHEA. along with glutamine tabs, and something else. hes friggin ripped. im not b-sing either. he goes about 220, and probably 8-9%bf.

    plus, all he uses is two 15 ;b. dumbells and bodyweight exc.'s. and he runs 3x/weeek. i guess he's just a prime example of a true mesomorph.

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