T-1 Pro texture?

  1. T-1 Pro texture?

    I just started my cycle of T-1 Pro and I noticed that the texture is very grainy. I've never done T-1 before so I'm not sure if this is normal? Is this just undissolved androgen-and if so, should I just put the bottle in some warm water for a bit before application? Sorry if this has been asked before but any advice would be appreciated. Thanx...

  2. it is the androgens that gives the mix a grainy texture. simply, as you stated, put your bottle into some boiling water for a few, then take out, then put back in, take out, until you have a smooth consistantcy. Shake the bottle as well, but being careful of not letting pressure build up too much inside the bottle. Release some air out throughout. You should be fine. Sage

  3. Good deal, thanks! One last question. Do you think I should do this before every application or will doing it once dissolve it permanently into the solution? Thanks again!

  4. It will desolve for good.

  5. Originally posted by dannyboy5000
    It will desolve for good.

  6. Well, I put the T-1 Pro in and out of boiling water for a few minutes, then applied. Still grainy. Then I put it in and out of the bath again for about 10 min, (at this point it was starting to bubble out of the base of the pump). Then I applied again. Still, after application, I had white grains, all over my hands. What else can I do to diisolve the powder???

  7. I could never get it fully into solution. Rub in the excess w/isopropyl. Worked well for me.

  8. I can never get the powder to completely dissolve...so I just smash up the white chunks with my hands and then rub the powder where I am applying the lotion

  9. I am hearing more reports of undissolved 4-AD than in the past few months...I will look into this from our end.



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