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    i started using my t4 today this is my first time using a topical prohormone. i plan on applying 2 pumps in the morning, 1 before i workout and one at night. i applied the lotion to the top of my feet today. i gave it over half an hour to dry each time, and each time i applied it i felt it was no where near dry even after 45 minutes, it still felt oily and wet. how much time do i need to allow to really let the 4ad absorb?

  2. First off, apply 12 hours apart to keep blood levels as stable as possible. It stays oily for awhile as the ph's are still trying to get absorbed for awhile after you apply. Just rub it in as good as you can, when i've use transdermal i try to leave area unclothed for an hour or so after application, but i know this may not be possible when you have to go to work or whatever.

  3. is there a chart i can look at where it shows some sort of ratio comparing the amount of time given for the lotion to dry to the amount absorbed? also i dont understand whay you say every 12 hours will keep blood levels most constant. even with oral steroids the more often you can take them the more constant your blood levels will be, i would think this would be similar. for example winstrol has a half life of about 12 hours however many ppl take it every 4-6 hours to avoid unsteady test levels due to the half life. why do transdermal prhormones differ in this respect?

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