One cycle, or two?

  1. One cycle, or two?

    Alright, I have 2 bottles of T-1-final, and am getting ready to start a new cycle. However, I am now going back and forth between 4 on, 4off, 4 on, and 4 weeks at double dosage. I have had good results on one+ at 8 squirts a day, so wouldn't low dose T-1 be similar, considering 35% abosption as opposed to 15%(is that right for avant?)? Also, with lower doses, hopefully less sides? Which option should be more permanant gains with less sides? I just want to hear some opinions on this, thanks.

  2. Anyone?

  3. are you using dmso?

  4. Of course.

  5. Bttt - looking for same answer. Also i was thinkin since i am about to take my break btw T1-pro cycles 4 0n 4 off 4 0n 4 off, when i go back on for 2nd half how bout doing one squirt pro and one squirt final 2x a day? any thoughts?



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