I've been considering future cycles if I decide to get on again at some point. It wouldn't be until some time next year. Probably around the beginning of January.

When I was thinking about future cycles I thought I would give superdrol a run since I never really have. I didn't want to run both PP and SD together so I figured what would be an even better option than PP?...Test prop. I figure I would be on SD for three weeks, follow that with an extra two weeks of TP to try to solidify the gains and then come off in week 6. I know this is a short cycle, but I feel this would benefit more than stacking the two orals together. Plus, this way I could run a decently high dose of test for the five weeks I'm on and probably help to subside the crappy feeling that SD is known for.

It would most likely be...

SD: 20/20/30
TP: 200mg ED throughout (My last cycle was 150mg ED for 10 weeks along with Tren 50mg ED)

What's everyones opinion on this cycle?