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  1. I think I am going to continue on with my cycle, I need to order some more nolva or clomid though so I have anough for a 4 week post cycle, and liquid solutions is out of both, any where else to buy?

  2. PM

    Check your PM, dannyboy

  3. thx bro I appreciate it..

    What do you guys think of my situation? Does the gyno look bad? Still though I must comment the hardness that I had for years behind my nips is not any larger or harder, like when I press them down/in they are just soft, almost like water retention, there is no resistance. My nips have not been sore or itchy/irritated at all throughout the cycle.

  4. Weight is only up 5 pounds still, day 12. Strength is up a little bit.

    Can someone PLEASE tell me where I can order NOLVA from, liqua solutions is STILL out.

  5. dude thats happened to me on my past two cycles (i used T1 PRO at one point as well)

    i wouldn't sweat it; mine never got beyond that point and never ever got hard even underneath; just puffy

    in fact i could squeeze them a bit and massage them and the puffiness went away

  6. Talking

    Originally posted by Bean
    in fact i could squeeze them a bit and massage them and the puffiness went away
    Oh, really...

    Dorry dude, just couldn't pass this one up.


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