hey guys. was going to originally run a six weeker of prop Tren and tbol but winters coming around these parts and i decided to just pack on some pounds rather than cut up. this is what i'm currently lookin at.

wk 1-4 or wk 3-6 50mg dbol ed
wk 1-6 test prop 100mg ed
wk 1-6 100mg deca prop eod

2 500iu hcg shots a week
.5mg adex ed
standard PCT, nolva, Clomid ect.

only questions i have is i'm thinking of running the dbol at the back end of this cycle. any ops there? if i do run the dbol at the front, i was thinking of tapering up and then tapering down as i've been reading a lot about the negative affects of an acute androgen drop after discontinuing an oral. in prev. cycles it always seemed like after that 4 weeks of dbol my weight didn't change much and i kind of lost my feel and edge for lifting. so maybe taper down? any other thoughts are appreciated. thanks.