test e / deca / winny?

  1. test e / deca / winny?

    Anyone ever done a test e / deca / winny cycle? or another form of test with deca and winny? How was it?


  2. What are your stats and prior cycle history?? I have ran that stack before and liked it. The deca can help with the dry joints winny can sometime cause.. Also what would your cycle look like?? And welcome to Aminds...

  3. Make sure you either frontload the Deca (or use NPP) so it works concurrently with the winny. Or drop winny at the end of the cycle - that's a popular choice. Otherwise, in athletics, you are asking for trouble. Just ask Mr. Bonds
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  4. How do you plan to run this cycle ? If you use Deca, go for 15-16 weeks because that takes a while to kick in. If you're doing a bulker why not use D-Bol weeks 1-5 ? Are you bulking or cutting ?

  5. If I was crazy hell bent on using said compounds, I would do this, or a slight variation of this... injectable dosages would be calculated by finding my optimal weekly dose, then dividing it by 3.5 for EOD injects regarding NPP and Prop, and dividing weekly dose by 2.5 for E3D injects regarding Test E and Deca.

    1-5 Test Prop (with taper)
    1-6 NPP (with taper)
    1-15 Test Enan
    1-14 Nand Deca
    13-17 Winny
    16-17 Test Prop (with Taper)
    18-21 PCT



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