MERCEDESDD........Please check this out. Or any other GYNO specialists...

  1. MERCEDESDD........Please check this out. Or any other GYNO specialists...

    Here is the Letro cycle I was going to run to help get rid of the gyno:

    Day 1: .50mg Letro
    Day 2: 1.0mg Letro
    Day 3: 1.5mg Letro
    Day 4: 2.0mg Letro
    Day 5: 2.5mg Letro Keep at this dose until gyno is gone, then run extra 4-7 days to make sure. Then taper down like shown below.

    Day 1: 2.0mg
    Day 2: 1.5mg
    Day 3: 1.0mg
    Day 4: .50mg
    Day 5: .25mg

    Off: 20mg nolva for 1 week (start first day on the last day of letro. so take both)
    10mg nolva for 1 week

    I was wondering if it would be beneficial to run a topical DHT gel with the letro. Andractim....

    What do u think??

  2. I have seen many mixed reviews on Andractim.. Most people I have spoke with have not had success with it.. I would just run the letro reversal protocol and see if that works.. Has anyone had good results with andractim?????

  3. Wow buddy, now you get an ipban too! See the problem with morons is that they don't realize that they are morons while everyone else around them does.

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