7 Day IGF and DNP cycle, need opinions.. Add T3, Clen??

  1. 7 Day IGF and DNP cycle, need opinions.. Add T3, Clen??

    Ok, need some advice on this following cycle. The person doing this has done both of these before and has done them both at the same time, so this isn't anything new to him.

    He is currently on a 750mg/Week EQ and 350mg/wk Test Ent currently. Nothing else now. He has extra DNP, IGF, T3 and Clen sitting around and he thought it would be a good time to run a quick 7 day cutter. He is eating about 500g protein, 150g carbs and 50-80g fat a day, so he is eating plenty of protein, carbs are fat. This as 3600 calories nax a day.

    He has some extras of different stuff sitting around and is leaving in 7 days for a 3 week vacation. So this is a 7 days "turbo" cycle b4 heading down south.
    What he is thinking about doing is runing 400mg DNP for 6-7 days and IGF 25mcg (4x ED) 6-7 days. A vacation just came up and he is looking to drop a few for the 3 week shibang.. He has done up to 600mg DNP, so 400mg is not a big deal.

    Also, he has clen that he is thinking of throwing in there withit as well. dosing will be maybe 75, 100, 125, 125, 100, 75.. Thoughts on this. He is experienced on this as well.

    Adding the Clen and T3 are just the icing on the cake, IMO..

    What do you guys think. He is currently ~11%bf and would like to drop as much as possible. He is going to stay on EQ and Test while gone, maybe add some var at 60mg ED now to the cycle as well. Var tends to lean out the mid section in his experiences..

    He drinks probably 2gallons H2O a day, so hydration is not a problem. Just looking for opinions on this as a quick cycle b4 a vacation. are there going to be any bad effects (bloating with DNP for a few days after cycle??) from this? I know it isn't the healthiest thing but I know people who have done far worse. LMK your opinions..

  2. Just run the DNP by itself. DONT USE ANYTHING WITH IT!!

    DNP is very dangerous. What other things do you plan on taking as far as to combat the sides while on DNP? What does your diet and training look like? These are very important while using this product.

  3. He is taking a lot of anti-oxidants and the other reccommended tings whenyou use DNP. He has all the stuff left over from his last cycle. I think his caps even have the filler as the "extra's" and such..

    Yes DNP is dangerous, but i don't think it is at those levels for someone experienced with it. Adding the IGF, shouldn't be too bad eithere, or why do you thinkk it would be bad?

  4. I guess if the experience is there then there's no reason for our opinions but honestly...Adding all that other crap on top of a toxic compound to begin with just leaves so little room for error. I've seen people have crashes with clen out of the blue. Sometimes taking it a bit slower isn't all that bad.

  5. To maximize the fat burning effect of DNP run 25-50mcg of T3 w/ it. DNP depletes T3 and by about day 8 T3 may be completly depleted. Therefore it would be be best to run low dose T3 for an additional week after the DNP.

    Ideally you would go 7days DNP, 10 day off, 7 days DNP w/ low dose T3 thru out. But because he only has enough for 7 days he should make sure to do three days of complete carb-depletion just preceding the DNP. This will help get DNP burning fat more quickly. Once on DNP carbs should be reintroduced. IMHO low to moderate carbs works best w/ a couple of pieces of fruit.

    Do not waste the Clen. It will have no effect during the DNP cycle. Also don't waste the IGF-1. You won't maxamize its benefits. Run the IGF-1 during post cycle therapy or later.

    Make sure that anabolic steroids are still being used when you run DNP+T3 as they ARE needed to help peserve muscle. Sensible carb loading after the DNP cycle will fill out the muscles again as glycogen is restored. The T3 should keep him from rebounding his fat loss. Hope this helps.



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