liquid cytomel measuring

  1. liquid cytomel measuring

    The liquid T3's that I've seen have come 120mcg/ml. If I were to split this up into 25mcg doses, the closest I could get would be about .2 or 1/5th ml...possibly a little less just to prevent going over. I imagine that I could easily achieve this fairly accurately with a .5cc syringe. Would it make any difference if I injected this into an empty softgel rather than just taking the liquid straight? I mean, would there be any delivery issues, etc.?

  2. No delivery issues, same ****.

  3. You would avoid tasting it too. It tastes awful.
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  4. hehe, i made liquid d-bol for a bro, and he's cryin cause it tastes horrible. Made it with 85% rum

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