1. aspiration

    Hey guys

    Ive been searching a read a few threads, but can't find an exact answer.

    Did my second shot today 1cc test e in the right thigh. My first shot 4 days ago was in the right glute.

    First shot i was pulling on the plunger trying to aspirate so hard that i slipped and pulled the bastard out. Tried again, still no bubbles or blood, shot anyway.

    Figured it was just because the twisting when doing the glute, so today i did the thigh. Same deal, pulling hard, but no bubbles or blood.

    If i was in a vein would blood be easy to pull? Am I doing something wrong or do I just need to pull harder when aspirating.

    btw, im the pins im using are 0.50x25mm thats a pretty standard size right?


  2. Blood will flow into the syringe really easily. You don't need to yank any harder than a little "tug".

  3. I am sure you are fine. Every time I pin, it seems difficult to pull back the plunger as if you can tell there is a slight vaccuum effect. Only once have I notice blood in the pin and like kwyckemynd00 mentioned when aspirating, the blood flowed very easily.

  4. Yeah blood has only entered twice for me (once in ventroglute and once in shoulder) and I just switched needles, moved over a bit and injected with the small amount of blood still in there, it isn't a problem.

    You should see bubbles when aspirated though, they don't have to be big ones but some sort of empty space.

  5. You don't have to yank on the plunger to aspirate, moving it about a mm will produce blood if you have hit a vessel or a vein. Pulling too hard has the ability to collapse the vein, like Kywck said if there is blood it will flow extremely easy.



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