TRN/ZOL PCT Please Help

  1. TRN/ZOL PCT Please Help

    I will be finishing a cycle of TRN/ZOL in about 10 days, and I need to know if my PCT Plan is good enough. I have read a million PCT logs and I know a good amount. I have Nolva (Of Course), A-Dex, Letro, Rebound XT, Powerfull available.

    First of all its a 4 week cycle.
    Week 1: 2mg TRN, 100Mg Zol
    Week 2: Same
    Week 3: 4mg TRN, 150 Mg Zol
    Week 4: 4mg TRN, 150 Mg Zol

    My goal has been fat loss and so far i've lost about 4-5 pounds of fat.

    My PCT Plan is Nolva 60/40/20/20 with 6-9 caps of PowerFull Daily.
    I hate Letro and A-Dex and Rebound XT. Are these necessary for this PCT?


  2. I think with TRN you might want to see about CABERGOLINE. I've read a few threads where people have started lactating. I've never used trn so don't quote me run a search on cabergoline.

  3. your post cycle therapy looks fine, maybe a slight overkill with the letro though. Keep the dosage around .25mg EOD, and only use it if needed. And you dont need letro and adex together, your cycle was relatively mild.

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