Displacement of Trenbolone Acetate and Test Prop

  1. Displacement of Trenbolone Acetate and Test Prop

    I need a little help with my math. From what I read test has a displacement of .75ml/g. How much does trenbolone displace?

    When you are doing your math do you add in the displacement (or subtract it rather) or leave it alone? Lets say this...

    Someone decided for research/lab purposes they wanted to make 112 ml of Test Prop @ 150mg/ml. Using 2% BA, 20% BB, 47% EO, 31% Oil (making the EO/Oil a 60%/40% concoxtion)... 112ml-(.75 x 17g(powder)) = 99.25ml total

    2 % of 99.25 = 2ml ~
    20 % of 99.25 = 20ml ~
    47% of 99.25 = 46ml ~
    31% of 99.25 = 40ml ~

    Or would you take the 112ml and not subtract the amount that will be displaced?

    Am I way off?

  2. Almost all estered steriods have a bout a .75 to .8 ml displacement per gram. the only thing that really changes is the molarity of the solution. So your soluiton being made up of 12.6 ml of test prop in soluion. So you would take that off your 60/40 mix. (your carrior) you want your other items to be a certain % of the TOTAL solution. so you would use 2.24ml of BA and so on.

    Really you are making this harder then it is, I usually just desolve the hormones in the ba/bb then add the carrior to volume. This way there is no hromone lost in the filter (just the carrior) and it makes for a very acurate and easy process. By wieght is of course more actuate but your not wieghing out most of your items anyways.

  3. so for the ba and bb i just take a percentage of the 112, but for the eo/oil i take the 112 minus the displacement and then the 60/40 percentage of that? i think i got it. thanks a bunch for helping me out with this stuff. i want to be as exact as i can. first time.

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