planning cycle for october...need help

  1. planning cycle for october...need help

    I am planning on running a non-methyl stack in Oct. and I have a question. I plan to run ******** (max lmg worked great by itself in the past) with methoxy-tst with all the ancillaries. I know that m-tst is supposed to be similar to tren... would that mean that m-tst is a progestin??? I would want to avoid stacking progestins as I dont want a lucious set of knockers!!! :chick:
    any help is appreciated.

  2. I don't think anyone really knows what m-tst is. But just that is seems to be a low dose of tst. IM me if your on aim as i'd like to talk to you about you max lmg cycle. ksjproductions is my sn

  3. if aim is aol instant msg... I am not on it... matter of fact, I am not on any IM... sorry... but what would you like to know??

  4. How did you dose? Did you run an Anti-e with it? Any gyno? What did you pct look like?

  5. dosage was 75/75/75/50/25, no gyno, no anti-e on cycle, just pct nolva 40/40/20, and retain 4caps/3/3/3... and lots of glutamine... didnt really experience any noticable shutdown. gained between 5 and 10lbs strength and pumps went up. managed to maintain most gains... all in all, I liked it. Max lmg worked well for me. I wish I would have stocked up on it like I did e-lmg, sd and pp. I cant wait to stack ******** with m-tst!!!

  6. I have a sealed bottle of x-mass (max lmg) i don't think i'm going to use if your interested, let me know.

  7. OK. thanks man

  8. you can email me at [email protected] if interested

  9. Quote Originally Posted by joebo
    you can email me at [email protected] if interested
    And you can stop source posting brah. Almost positive what you just did is against board rules and you can be banned for it.

  10. bump to yearight... any thoughts as to whether these 2 should be taken together... I dont plan to exceed 4mg of the tst and 75 mg of the ******** on a 4-5 week cycle. any feed back is awesome


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