let me tell you a liitle about me. I am 5'7 168 lbs. I used to lift 2 years and then i stopped last year. At that time i was 177-181 lbs. I stopped lifting for about 1 year and my weight dropped to 160 lbs. I have never used any prohormone or any supplements besides protein. Now i have been lifiting for about 4 months and i almost got most my stregnth back. i just finished a cycle of halo-50 and now im on my pct. i was wondering is it good to just gain 5-10 lbs and increase alot of strength. seems like im almost as strong as i was when i was 180 lbs. Also i planning on doing more cycles, but this time on superdrol. I do wanna get bulky but at the same time i dont wanna look fat. Is it ok to run a superdrol-LMG-superdrol cycle? another question... i start work at 10am and my lunch isnt until 530 pm. I work for about 7 hours straight before i can get a lunch break and sometimes the luch at work isnt great, So i always try to eat a big breakfast and a big dinner after i go to the gym. I go to the gym about 8-9 pm. and my dinner is around 11pm. i was wondering how can i get a better eating habbit especially when im working. Can i just take alot of protein when im working??? Any advice would be helpfull...thanks..