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    OK. That one showed up.

    I had surgery last week. My gallbladder was removed. I have only lost 1 lb. but my diet needs to get clean again. I cannot lift weights for 2 more weeks. Any advice on what to do to keep muscle loss to a minimal? I have all my gear but will not start it until I can lift.

    Would you guys suggest Clen now to keep from losing muscle?

  2. No, I wouldnt suggest clen. Just try getting in a sufficient amount of calories and supplement with some fish oil. I thought I read somewhere that when taking a few weeks off that it can help from losing muscle. Dont quote me on that as being 100% accurate, but fish oil wont hurt.

  3. Yes, stay out of the Anabolic Discussion and head over to the Diet section. Calculate your BMR for minimal activity and adjust when you are able to start being active again.

    Cheers to a speedy recover!

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