M1T safe stack

  1. M1T safe stack

    I was wondering if there are really any new PH's that are "safe" to stack with M1t...
    I am planning a M1t cycle with transdermal test thrown in since I can't get any 4-AD..

    My question is: Since M1t has high bloating effects, would a supplement like prostanzolol (mega-zol) be beneficial running with m1t to lower the bloat and keep the gains more lean?
    I would think something like 10mg of M1t with a moderate dose of prostan would help keep some bloat away
    Would a product like transdermal formestane/4-OHAT be better than a prostan since it is pretty much used just for hardening and (?) might be less toxic?

  2. M1T isn't safe by itself so no. But if you are going to do it then run transdermal test to lower sides.

    Honestly, spend some time and find some pheraplex, superdrol, anything but M1T in my opinion. I remember a thread one time that said "M1T ruins lives" haha

  3. M1T and safe in the same sentence is an oxymoron.

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