Anavar or Turnibol to kick in summer cycle?

  1. Anavar or Turnibol to kick in summer cycle?

    Hey guys, never used either, got access to both, liquid products...Anyways, Will be running a 10 week LBM cycle of Test and either EQ or Masteron (not sure yet). Was thinking of using one of the two for the first 4 weeks as a kick start till the injectables kick in. Anyways, I don't wan't to use dbol, don't wan't all the quick bloat and waterweight. Want this cycle to be more of a lean body mass cycle. Probably will run IGF with it as well. Thanks for the help...FLU

  2. As discussed on your other thread, 10 weeks of EQ isn't such a great idea.

    I personally think Tbol is highly overrated. I do like Var but prefer it on the tail end. Go with your heart on that one. Just keep in mind the effective duration of EQ.

  3. Thanks bro, trashed the other one cuz I read up more on it. Still not sure if If going with tbol, avar or neither. It would be for a kick start so prob wouldn't wan't to do it in end like you like. Anyways, since EQ's out what would be good to stack with my Test for a good 10 week LBM cycle? P.S. Tren ****s with my head too much. was planning masteron but my bf is about 15% and read that is too high suposibly for running mast you should be under 10 and mainly contest prep. What do ya think?

  4. Hmm.. decisions decisions... lol

    10 weeks is your limit huh? How many ICN's do you have?

  5. You know I have always done longer cycles 12-14 weeks and felt kind of burt out after about 10. Seems like I never feel any more gains after about 8 weeks or so, it just kind of plataus out. I Also felt like it would be easier to bounce back after a bit of a shorter cycle. But I could go 12 just would prefer 10. I have 60 between me and my roomie. Planning on running 2 amps every 5 days or 3 a week something like that...FLU

  6. If you run them E3D, you'd have 625mg/week of Test E. It's 2.5 amps a week on average. By that reckoning, 10 weeks is a paltry 12.5 amps.

    I hear you on the plateau.. usually a calorie increase works.

    It has been said time and time again that suppression is related to how long you are on, not only on the compounds used or doses used.. so by this reasoning you are right. I feel you are more liable to retain mass gained on longer.. so... it's kind of a thin line to tread.

    I would start Var around week 7 and run it to 12. I would use Prop at the beginning 1-5 , and Prop 11-12.

    Test Prop 150mg EOD
    1-10 ICN 1 amp E3D
    7-12 Var 60mg ED
    11-12 Prop 150 EOD
    With the tail end of Prop, you can taper the last week if you want. I have noticed it kind of helps me evade the "crash".

    That's what I would do if you want a shorter cycle with ICN's. I don't know.. remember, I'm really an 18 year old girl training to be in Cirque De Soleil, and you shouldn't really take me serious.


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