PH Stack need your opinions guys

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  1. PH Stack need your opinions guys

    Hey guys I know I'm going to catch hell for this, but I received a free stack of VPX.  The person that gave me these was hoping it will change my feelings about VPX.  I was planning on doing a 4 week cycle of Syngex & EQ, but what I received was EQ 240cc, Syngex 1 120cc, Paradeca 120cc, & Methoxygen 120cc.  So his advice was to do the following cycle.

    Paradeca 6 ccs/day for 15 days

    EQ 6 ccs/day for 40 days

    After I'm done with the Paradeca run Syngex 6 ccs/day

    Finish off with Methoxygen

    I will be stacking this with Clenbutrix the entire cycle.

    I will then be taking 60X0 at bedtime at the following dosage

    Week 1-600mgs/day 

    Week 2-400mgs/day

    Week 3-400mgs/day 
     Week 4-300mgs/day 

    I trust the guys that adviced this cycle, but you never can get too many opinions.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. If it's free it's definately worth a shot. Looks good to me but i've never read up on VPX

  3. Thanks Kitchen chem. Anyone else? I know people on here know about VPX.

  4. I have used VPX Xenabol (5-AA) 120cc and loved it (but I got it for free so I have no room for complaint )

    VPX is a good company, but nobody likes them because of their pricing...if they were cheaper I'd be using their stuff all the time.
    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  5. How do all you peeps keep getting free ****?

  6. well I got the xenabol about a year ago....hehhe

    I have not been hooked up since ...

    but other stuff I get for free is via the good ole 5-finger discount
    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  7. Yeah lifeguard VPX does have a bad rep around some of these boards. I did a stack of paradeca, decavar, & xenabol a couple of years ago, but my diet wasn't in check at the time. I plan on posting my fair, unbiased results on all the boards I visit.

    Anyone else got an opinion on this stack? I plan to start this on Sunday.

  8. bump for the experts

  9. NPursuit, I would start the syngex during the last week of paradeca. This will give it time to kick in.The paradeca will last 20 days at 6cc per day. I would also up the eq to 3cc three times per day. This will make everything last 4 weeks.

  10. Sounds good to me bigswole. I like that better.

  11. i don't know if i buy into the whole liposome thing. i did some research on putting steroids into liposomes and maybe even adding a targeting protein that was specific for muscle cells so to avoid side effects and not have to worry about applying a transdermal (i don't use anabolics, but i thought that this could sell) the transdermal apparently isn't the greatest if you want close contact with the fairer sex. all the info i saw said that liposomes were a simple technology, but they also said that it was very hard to get the steroids into them due to them being extremely lipophillic. so i don't believe that their product is all that great. does it work, probably, but the stuff is nowhere near as good as a transdermal.

  12. What does that have do with this thread?

  13. um VPX's purported technology is using liposomes to deliver the prohormone.

    some VPX products:
    liposomal eq
    liposomal 1-test

    need i go on. now that you see what liposomes have to do with this thread, i will comment more strongly on vpx products. the are overpriced (not an issue since it was free) and results are variable due to widely varying absorption rates even in the same people day to day. this is an issue. the idea is to keep levels constant as possible to keep the body from really becoming messed up. varying levels will cause the HPTA to crash faster than constant elevated levels. why was it free? because that's what its worth. if you homebrew, prohormones are not that expensive and you know exactly what you get. can you say the same thing for vpx? i don't think so.

    i hope no one takes the above as an affront as i did not mean it that way, i just had some points to make and if it is unclear how i came to this reasoning, i can give you plenty of leads literature wise that one can read to understand the issue.

    oh, and after reading all the stuff on vpx's web site, i am appalled by the use of apparently scientific terms and references that have nothing to do with their products. in my opinion, this isn't even like muscletech who have overpriced products (way overpriced) that at least work - not as good as they say, but as good as anything else if one ignores price. the same can not be said about vpx when talking about their prohormones.

  14. Crazypete I hear you they are overpriced, and their claims are overhyped. This cycle for me will be the once and for all do they work for me or don't they. I have talked to people recently that have had great gains using them. The reason I don't homebrew is because I don't want to put the time into it. I love beer too, but I don't plan on brewing that anytime soon either. Thank god there are great bros out there willing to do it. You can be damn sure I will be going with a BDC transdermal if this cycle does nothing for me. Also who cares if VPX is overpriced when you aren't paying retail for it.
    Thanks for the input though

  15. agreed. i hope it works for you. if not you know why now. good luck

    as for homebrewing, all you do if your lazy is buy the BDC gel and add your own powders or get the premade ones. you only save like $10 a month if your doing it yourself, maybe a little more over time if you buy bulk powder

    cheers, pete

  16. NPursuit, do not take vpx. It is overpriced ****. You will get no gains. You would have better luck trying to gain weight with ben-gay.

  17. =) LOL

  18. After all, ben-gay converts to 1-test at 40%. If I were you I would stack it with some icehouse. Icehouse increases GH outout.

  19. I was thinking of stacking it with Sam Summer Ale. I figured the grains of paradise were a better delivery system.

    Actually since Summer Ale came out early this year I decided to start my stack on Monday. =)

  20. Sam summer ale reaks havoc on libido. I highly suggests pizza rolls to counteract this. Anyways, time to get back serious.

  21. True True. Can't wait to start tomorrow. It's been 2 years since my last cycle. Figured today would be a good day for my one and only cheat day in the last month, and for the next month.

  22. I bet you put on ten pounds and decrease your bodyfat by2%. You should tell Troy that you did not gain a pound and see if you can get another cycle for free.

  23. LOL. Hey it worked once already

    Just kidding

  24. ROFL... yo I dont get some of you people, you claim that VPX sucks.... But have you even tried it? Or do you think they're too expensive for their products? I tell you what I'll prove to all of you that atleast Clenbutrx works damn mother f*ckin well, and all you just hatin cuz yall have tight wallets. Dont try to bring down a company/product just cuz you can't afford it. It's only been 1 week, and I already see physical proof of how krazee this cycle is. After Im done cyclin Clenbutrx for the 4 weeks Ill show you before and after pix, just so you can stop hatin. Right now Im on week 2 Next thing to purchase is a nice muscle hardener and vascularity gainer!

  25. Kinda humerous that you dug up a thread that was two months old. ARE you a rep or what? Someone that comes on a board vouching there life on a product usually is


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