Torn between AAS/PH

  1. Torn between AAS/PH

    If legality held no bearing on your decision, would you guys choose between a stand alone PP cycle or a Test only cycle?

  2. run a search...this has been discussed a lot.

    True AAS is going to be safer and proven every single time.

  3. Test at a normal level is no doubt safer than pheraplex. There is plenty of proven research on it to show what it does to you. Pheraplex is an oral that is going to put MUCH more of a strain on your liver than test will. Test you can run much longer which many will believe can help you keep more gains. Being on for 12weeks opposed to 4weeks can usually lead to more gains. You make the choice, this is all my opinion on the subject, others may disagree.

  4. Test..........hands down.

  5. For some reason I still have the whole "legal" scenario running through my head. This sucks because it's my health on the line here.

    Anywho, I'm not planning on running either or any of the like any time soon. I was just wondering how some of you felt. Sorry for the meaningless post.


  6. If it were legal I would definitely pick Test over Phera-Plex, hands down.

  7. I say stack em!

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  8. Quote Originally Posted by e123low
    If legality held no bearing on your decision, would you guys choose between a stand alone PP cycle or a Test only cycle?
    Test for 12 weeks @ 500 mg would be my choice

  9. i think i was using bunk gear, but i recieved better gains off of pp than test for 12 weeks. it was QV test if that tells you anything; still though i would opt for the test. it seems the wiser choice assuming yours wasnt bunk.

  10. Something about test, it gives you a feeling nothing else can, lol, no, not rage, but this feeling of well being, tranquility and determination. That is one thing that is great about it.


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