PCT Time- Critique

  1. PCT Time- Critique

    Well, i am on Day 17 of my Pheraplex cycle and have gained 12lbs so far. I am going to 28-30 days and am finalizing my planned PCT.

    I am now 6'5, 238lbs, 10% BF


    Day 1 & 2: Nolva 30mg, Clomid 125mg, DHEA 300mg, Rebound XT 25mg, Fenugreek, Possible Retain throughout(undecided)

    Week 1: Nolva 20mg, Clomid 100mg, DHEA 300mg, rebound XT 25mg, fenugreek
    Week 2: Nolva 10mg, Clomid 50mg, DHEA 200mg, rebound xt 50mg, fenugreek
    Week 3: Nolva 10mg, Clomid 50mg, DHEA 200mg, Rebound xt 50mg, fenugreek
    Week 4: Nolva 10mg, DHEA 100mg, rebound Xt 50mg, fenugreek

    Didnt experience any shutdown thus far. Take all doses before 2pm so LH should still kickback at night according ot Bill Roberts but who knows

  2. That looks pretty sound for a short PP cycle like that.

    Only thing Id say different is that if you havent allready bought your nolva and clomid...... try Toremifene instead. If you allready spent the money, Id say go ahead and use what you got. It SHOULD still be good enough to keep most of your gains since it wasnt a super long super suppresive cycle.

    In fact, Im ditching all my clomid and nolva now that I've tried using Toremifene for PCT. I mean that stuff is really amazing. It's more expensive then either Nolva or clomid, but it fullfills the function of BOTH, only BETTER.
    It works way faster. And the combined price of clomid and nolva isnt much less than one bottle of Torm.

    I do like the inverse taper of the SERMS to the ATD though.

    Id have a hard time taking everything before 2pm, cuz Im not always awake yet at 2PM LOL........JK......But not really.

    I use less DHEA than most guys that use it as part of PCT, but thats because Im on it allmost year round as replacement. I have habitually suppressed DHEA, according to my last couple of blood tests. I use like 150mg's ussually but play with the dose sometimes. Good luck, I hope you keep all your gains.

  3. Personally, I would drop the ATD and run Nolva at 60, 40, 20, 20. If you must use Clomid, use it for 2 weeks w/out Nolva and then finish out the last 2 with Nolva only. Be sure and taper the fenugreek dose up, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3.

    Deff add in the retain or LX.

    Recent log:http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/213350-lean-efx-refined.html

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