cutting cycle with trn and prost

  1. cutting cycle with trn and prost

    I was wondering if you can run an effective cutting cycle with mega trn and prost. I have seen posts of people using these items seperatley, but wondered if you could use them together and if so what doses should you use.

  2. Its been done...look for TRN/Zol logs.

    i am about to finish up my cycle which looked like this:
    Week 1 - Prostan 100mg
    Week 2-3 - Prostan 150mg
    Week 4 - Prosan 150mg/TRN 2mg
    Week 5-6 Prostan 150mg/TRN 4mg
    Week 7 - TRN 4mg

    I am halfway through week 7 and i think I am going to run an 8th week of TRN 6mg. I have ran prostanozol solo before so now i am trying to get a good sense of TRN's effects.

    Basically, I went up in weight a bit at first and have recently cut some of it down. I was right at 185 yesterday which is what I started at. The difference is about 2" on my waist, so far. This was a cutter so it has been a success. Before, I had a gut, now my abs subtly show and look pretty good when flexed but I am trying to get them all the way there. I highly recommend this cycle as a cutter.

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