Scrip for Test; For Chemo & All

  1. Scrip for Test; For Chemo & All

    Chemo, I wrote:
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    Hi All. I have posted many times in the PH room as I was researching and contemplating using PHs. Without getting into things, I have a prescription from my doctor for, I think, 200 mg of testosterone, to be taken every two weeks. I'm not sure what kind of testosterone it is, but I can post that later. I have the following questions and greatly appreciate Y'alls assistance:

    1. Will this dosage be enough for an anabolic effect;

    2. Will this be anabolic when used only every two weeks.

    3. If not, how much would I need to take to get an anabolic affect;

    4. I have some pro hormones. Can I mix noraderm & 4aderm with the test? If so, how much should I add?

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    And you responded,

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    Also, keep in mind that PH supplementation will throw off your routine blood work. Your doc will read the tests and either cut your dose or discontinue completely.

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    My question is, generally is it ok to mix the PHs with the test. Are there any side effects etc, other than those generally discussed in these forums I need to be aware of? I have Noraderm & 4Aderm. Which product would you recommend supplementing with the test, for what duration, and in what dose?

    Thanks very much.

  2. I wouldn't recommend adding anything that raises your testosterone levels. Your Doctor should have run some tests and the results should have been below 150ng for your test levels. So, he is adding in the test to raise your levels to between 300-500. Unfortunately, any sort of significant growth requires test levels probably above 1,000 (and many bb's keep it at 1,500).

    Now, if you add 4-aderm that should raise your test levels to above the therapeutic range which means your Dr. will either cut you back or discontinue your test scrip. However, if you use nor-aderm (which converts to deca), that will help suppress your natural test levels (possibly meaning more dosage on your scrip) and shouldn't show up on your blood test (unless the Dr. is testing for it).

  3. RVEXLER, I appreciate your response, though I'm not sure I followed it all exactly. I'm not actually low in test, just in the low normal range. The test was prescribed for "energy deficit." I don't see the doctor again for 3 months.

    What will tests show that are taken 3 months from now?

    Does that change your advice at all. What would you mix the test with, if anything (that I have) given this?

  4. If I was you, and you are self injecting, save your a real cycle with it

  5. I am HRT myself and the doc gives me 200mg per 2 weeks, and it doesn't do much more than keep your dick working, no anabolic effect with 2oomg. If you want the best idea I've seen here was to save up your test, till you have enough for a cycle.



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