IGF1-LR3 While "ON" is it really needed?

  1. IGF1-LR3 While "ON" is it really needed?

    Before GH and IGF some of the best including arnold sculpted come of the most awesome bodies ever. I can afford IGF while on and once during pct, but should I spend the $$$$ on it? Does it really make a difference? I know AAS work and are proven but IGF? . Those of you who have used IGF on cycle, do you think it makes a difference? I will defineately be using it during PCT and for a cycle bridge as well but on cycle, I don?t know if the price is worth it to be on it during my cycle. is the cost worth the muscle it could potentially build?

  2. Well there is a sticky of people' results in this forum, so read that. In my experiences, I've loved the igf both times that I have used it. Both times I have done it solo, and yet to have done it while on gear. My next cycle will definitely consist of igf during the middle of it, as well as PCT.

  3. It will definitely help you to lean out while on cycle. The greatest implication, however, comes from the ability of it to cause muscle hyperplasia, which is an increase in the amount of muscle fibers in your body, pushing past your genetic limit. Couple that with the added anabolism from the AAS and I would see that is damn nice.

    IGF-1 pct is the best though, as it will allow you to maintain your gains and stay anabolic through different pathways then the androgen receptor and also keep you lean by decreasing insulin production.

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