4Ad sublingual/nasal

  1. 4Ad sublingual/nasal

    Need some help here...

    making sublingual/nasal 4AD

    got HPCD
    got saline etc and DAZEd method

    Q can i put my 6.75g HPCD, 2g 4AD into Rhinaris nasal spray which is...
    Mixture of polyethylene glycol 15% and propylene gycol 5% in a solution adjusted to pH 6.0

    I already did it and it dissolved in... should be ok??

    Anyother tips or ways to do this is appreciated!


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  4. I'd see no reason why it wouldn't be ok.

    FYI...I'm getting way better results with sublingual than I did nasal. Mine is not mixed with anything else, just the fina and cyclodextrin at 25mgs per ml.

  5. Hey CRUNCHDoes the 4ad sublingual give any "kick" that would be beneficial before a workout?

  6. Nate...I'm not doing the 4ad, just fina. I had better results with the fina sub-L than the nasal route. Not sure if it would be the same with the 4ad??

  7. Alrighty, thanks CRUNCH. I take it you made it from the finaplex pellets? How did you go about making it and what do you dose it at per day?


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