Superdrol mid cycle question - advise please

  1. Superdrol mid cycle question - advise please

    This is my 3rd SD cycle, but the 1st with Prostanozol. I am 3 weeks into it at 20mg of SD (1 in the morning, 1 at night). I had started adding a 3rd SD pill mid day because I was not noticing much of a change. BF% staying at 11% weight pretty steady at 200. In the past, my lean mass & strength went through the roof. I am on about 3000 calories to cut for a show in 12 weeks. Should I get off SD, or pump more carbs? After a couple cycles, do you need a little more to get the desired effect? In the past I would have gained 10-15 lbs by now. I have had some PCT timing problems, but am ready for it. Blood work was fine. and am taking perfect cycle now. I do not remember if SD makes you hold water or not. Advice would be appreciated. Maybe the Prostanozol is not a good mix for gaining muscle and shreading out. Eating very clean.

  2. SD does not make you hold water since its very anabolic, androgens make you hold a lot of water.

    yes if you have taken SD a lot in fairly close cycle times then yes your body will get used to it and you need more to see the same results as before.

    receptors are not as fresh when youve been cycling a lot with the same hormones.

    prost is good for recomp at moderate to high doses. its used to help retain gains from a more androgenic cycle but its also good for running with SD.

    possibly change up diet, up your carbs while on SD, possibly change your routine.

  3. Thanks man

  4. And obviously as you increase in lean body mass you are going to need more. I am 181 lbs and 20mg seems to work pretty damn well with me, although when I hit 185 or 190 I will attempt to bump it to 30mg hoping to see little change in the mild lethargy it already brings.

    Definitely up your calories though, that could be the reason you are seeing this problem. I noticed there was a ****load of glycogen retention on SD as with any androgen, and holy hell does upping the carbs help haha.

    These are just things I noticed.

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