Lumps under nipples after SD cycles

  1. Lumps under nipples after SD cycles

    Hi. this is my first post, I hope I picked the right section.

    I have done 2 cycles of SD , each around 2 weeks and around 10-20 mg. The first cycle was in august and the last was in january.

    About a month ago I noticed nipples were very sensitive to pressure and had small lumps under them about the size of a small marble. Since then the lumps have gotten smaller and less sensitive.

    I remember the same thing happenening when I was like 15 for no apparent reason and it went away. Since it seems to be improving, should I just wait for it to resolve itself, or take something like Nolva?


  2. I read on numerous occasions that if you had a small case of gyno in puberty (ussualy just on 1 side) that you will be more likely to develop a case of gyno when using anabolics

    Superdrol has been known to cause small cases of gyno.
    If the lumps are still there i would be very weary and make sure you have some nolvadex when you need it.
    And since you have small sensitive lumps for a month now it might not be a bad idea to use some nolvadex.

    Maybe more expirienced people can help you because im just new here :-)

  3. Get some nolva. There's no sense in waiting around to see if it subsides. Its always better to be safe than sorry.

  4. aint sd dht heavy?i would figure gyno would be rare on it

  5. Quote Originally Posted by anapolack
    aint sd dht heavy?i would figure gyno would be rare on it
    Ya its a DHT molecule and apperently an anti-estrogen. There is a theory that SD and/or ATD upregulates the estrogen receptors. The "gyno ninjas", as i've heard them called, apperently sneak up on people, 3-6 months later, after SD cycles.

  6. When people say lumps under nipples do you mean directly under the nipple or around the nipple area. I have a lump under my nipple but its above the nipple, directly under you can still fell a sort of empty area. Nothing there to report. Im just trying to figure out if this is from my last cycle or has it always been here. I never really felt the area like this until I had some itching/puffiness. I treated it with Nolva and ATD and Letro and its still there, but the puffiness pretty much went away. The only thing im worried about now is this flaring up next time I touch anything like PP or SD.


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