PP/Halo/Super/Prostan Cycle

  1. PP/Halo/Super/Prostan Cycle

    Ok I've been researching Halodrol-50, Superdrol, Phera Plex, and Prostanozol for a good two months now. I have all of them on hand and I feel like I know enough about all of them to do a cycle of one of them. I'm 5'11, 210lbs at 15% body fat according to the General Electric Lunar Prodigy Advance DXA System which is the most accurate way to test body fat. I am looking to put on 8-15lbs during this cycle and I want that to be as lean as it can be. Here is what I have planned thus far.

    I've been taking 1000mg of Milk Thistle a day for 3 weeks now.

    Either 3 weeks Superdrol/4 Weeks Halodrol-50/ 6 weeks Phera-Plex/Prostanaozol stack/ 4 Weeks Phera-Plex

    While on cycle I will be taking:
    Milk Thistle
    Hawthorne Berry Extract
    Super EPA/DHA fatty oils

    On top of those sups I was thinking about using a creatine product such as Gaspari's SizeOn and using a NO product like Nitrix.

    PCT I will run for 4 weeks after with the following:
    Saw Palmetto
    Fenugreek and Thyme
    Milk Thistle
    Hawthrone Berry Extract

    I feel like this is a pretty good plan. I'd love to hear any opinions on which of the four different cycles I should run and if the creatine and NO product will enhance the overall cycle. Thanks in advance for the advice.

  2. I can't offer too much advice on the products you're thinking about, as Ive never tried them. However, 6 weeks of stacking methyls would be something I wouldnt do.

    If you do decide to go this route, make sure you get blood work done before and after your cycle so you can work to restore you liver and lipid values.

    I would save the creatine for PCT. I used creatine with 1test/4ad and the pumps and water retention were just too much.


  3. Not making a recommendation but I'm considering SD/HD myself.
    SD is the only one of these I've used, and it really did a number on my lipids. It would be a good idea to get bloodwork done before and after to see how it affects the things you can't see.

    I would recommend saving the creatine and like supps for PCT.

  4. Yes save your creatine/NO products for PCT, and you might want to get some tamoxifen citrate just in case. Alot of people use Rebound XT from DS instead of 6 oxo.As far as your stack Bigvrunga is right 6 weeks is pretty long and your lipids are going to HATEEE you.

  5. By the way how old are you? How long have you been lifting? Hows your diet?

  6. Maybe I'm just an idiot, but where is he trying to stack methyls for 6 weeks?

  7. 3 weeks Superdrol/4 Weeks Halodrol-50/ 6 weeks Phera-Plex/Prostanaozol stack/ 4 Weeks Phera-Plex

    He's either trying to decide between 4 different cycles, or a 7 week SD/H50 cycle, 6 week PP/PZ cycle, or 4 week solo cycle.

    Its hard to tell the way its written.


  8. Then the answer is pretty easy, IMO.

    If you're new to the compounds, start with standalones. To see how your body reacts.

    If not, the PP/Pro cycle will work great. I just finished up a PP standalone and have nothing but good things to say about it. Adding the Pro will harden up your gains a bit and won't be as bad on the 'ol liver because Pro isnt methylated.

    The Sd/HD50 seems like a bad idea becuase it will be 7 weeks on methylated compunds...and from waht I've read, SD really shuts you down, especially if you're not used to it.

    But with your goals, I would recomend a standalone PP or HD50 4 weeker or a SD 3 weeker...

  9. ok to clarify a few things, i am trying to decide between the four different cycles
    1. 3 weeks superdrol
    2. 4 weeks halodrol-50
    3. 6 weeks PP/prostan Stack
    4. 4 weeks PP

    I am 26 and I am trying to break into the arena league. I've played semi-pro for four years now. Prior to that I played four years at the D-1 level. I am looking to put on some solid gains and mainly increase my bench, squat, and clean. I am looking for the cycle that is gonna help me in the athletic arena rather then for bodybuilding purposes. I have been lifting for 12 years now but have never used any AAS/Prohormones. My diet is heathly. No pop, fast food, or any junk.

  10. What position?

  11. 1. 3 weeks superdrol
    2. 4 weeks halodrol-50
    3. 6 weeks PP/prostan Stack
    4. 4 weeks PP
    I havent tried any of them, but based on user reports Id go with 4 weeks of PP solo.


  12. Ill never forget the acronym that was always pointed out to me when i was younger, and assing the situation i feel it fits right in here.... K.I.S.S. = kEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID.

    I cant give you adivice on what to try as you havent stated your goals, nor have I tried all the listed compounds but, start with only one to see how your body reacts. Also say you do PP/prostan cycle and you love it.... you wont know which one worked for you. next time around, and there always is a next time, stack the two, or try a different compounds. Hope that helps... Good luck

  13. i play fullback. i do blocking of course and a lot of short yardage running. I played in a triple option offense in college but in arena you don't have that type of fullback. too bad i love the triple option!

  14. the areana league is awesome...I take this cycle is just going to be while you are training and not playing correct? Then if you're jsut looking for a clean bulk, like i stated earlier look into HD, SD and Phera...as a standalone.

    search this board, there is more then enough information about each compound for you to draw a conclusion...check out all the logs...

  15. This one.

    4. 4 weeks PP


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