question on pp and novla together

  1. question on pp and novla together

    upfront if i have missed this subject on the search function, i am sorry, i have looked but maybe not hard enough . my question is while on pp is it a good idea to be on novla (the entire cycle, or just for pct) or something to that effect when it comes to blocking estrogen? I have read that some people have had effects of gyno while on pp and have used novla to block the effects, but have only used the novla for a few days not the entire cycle. any help would be great. and sorry again if i missed it.

  2. hehe. it seems people get shouted at very often here when they ask questions that can be answered through a search. i do believe yours might be able to be answered with a search but hopefully you won't get shouted at.

    anyways. i do believe that you can do what you've said. but that it would just weaken the strength of the pp. i would imagine you are doing this cuz of fear of the nipples, it would probably work somewhat. but if you were meant to gain say 10 pounds in 4 weeks on pp alone, now you would gain slightly less. maybe dr. d can teach us some more...................

  3. I dont like the idea of pre emptive nolva dosing. I like the idea of adex and other AI's run alongside a cycle with nolva ALWAYS on hand to combat gyno if it should arrive.

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