androgens and 5ar inhibitors

  1. androgens and 5ar inhibitors

    would appreciate any help with the following information.

    Could anyone list some androgens that are 5a-reduced? I believe that these would be androgenic and effect hair-prostate with or without a 5AR inhibitor (correct?).

    What currently legal androgens could be used with a 5AR inhibitor (SP, beta sitosterol, OR a prescription inhibitor like dutasteride) to minimize effects on prostate and hair?

  2. I believe Halodrol is reduced already. You can use all androgens with a 5-AR inhibitor. I would recommend using finasteride and not dutasteride as dut. inhibits both Type I and Type II isozymes of 5-AR. Type I isozymes have been found in the myelin of neurons and in muscle tissure. Type II is found in hair and prostate. Inhibiting Type II is a better balance between keeping your hair and avoiding BPH and avoiding other side effects (e.g., depression, muscle atrophy, etc.).


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