gyno? please

  1. gyno? please

    I have never done AAS... but i have done 2 M1T cycles and 2 superdrol cycles last year... all with proper PCTs except my last one, it was cut short for an unavoidable reason... as a result my nips are very sore to touch and i have seen some leakage, but you can not tell by looking at them... is this gyno? Should I get some clomid or nolva and just run it?
    I have been wanting to use something anabolic badly but been avoiding due to this.... I thought I found something safe and purchased some powerFULL but i just found some threads claiming "estrogenic" like s/e such as puffy nips... should I avoid powerFULL or run it wth an E- blocker? any help much appreciated

  2. I hope you have a nomex suit on...


    1) Yes, you have done AAS before...what you haven’t done is research
    2) Based on your first statement, its unlikely you ever had a proper pct
    3) yeah sounds like gyno
    4) I think if you searched for one maybe two minutes you would have the answer between the nolva and the clomid
    5) If you would have researched before this you most likely wouldnt be in the postition you are in now. Good luck.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Avent
    I have never done AAS... but i have done 2 M1T cycles and 2 superdrol cycles last year...
    I fully expect this to be in somebody’s signature, who's gona take it?

  3. I have done research and I know that most people will technically consider them steroids but ive also heard most people say that prohormones do njot even come close to "real gear".... maybe im wrong.... my PCTs were proper and to comment on something you have no idea about is foolish... i am not as experienced as most people probably here... which is why I am here asking questions... your response was typical of the arrogant cyber-geek ****head we see so much of... does it make you feel cool to down people on the internet?... i doubt you would say it to my face. can anyone actually answer the question without trying to compensate online for what they dont have physically... like uh.. i dunno... a small penis?

  4. Wow, you implied I had a small penis, I’m crushed...I don’t think my e-pride can take such beatings. Well I think I approached the situation nicer than most people would, I merely stated the obvious problems.

    Honestly all the information you seek has been discussed in great detail numerous times on this board.

    EDIT: Just get some nolva and RXT bro...look what the first page of searching popped up gyno help

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