need help with cruise phase

  1. need help with cruise phase

    as some of you know i've been having some problems with my cycle and with my life, and i've decided to cut my cycle short. not saying htat the gear was causing the depression and other problems, but i simply could not devote enough effort and time into it as one needs to when on cycle. so here's where i stand. i took my last shot of eq and a test blend with decanote and undecanote esters in it last friday. i will wait three weeks for all esters to clear and then begin solid pct. question is what should i do in the next three weeks as far as cruising into pct smoothly? i have some straight prop on hand but unclear on how to use it to cruise into pct. any help and suggestions are apprectiated. thanks.

    thanks to any and all of you that were there when i was going through this troubled time. i will always appreciate and respect you all for it.

  2. I don't understand, you have prop but you don't know how to use it? You should have done some research prior to running the cycle...unless I'm not understanding you correctly??

    Nonetheless, if your test enth dose was a moderate one, say 500-750mg/week, then shoot the prop at either 100 or 150mg EOD for the last 3 weeks.

  3. no, i know how to use prop for a cycle. just not sure how to use it while the esters from the sustanon are clearing. i won't be lifting during this time at all as i've gotten away from it, thus why i am ending cycle. just wondering if i should try to run the prop at the end to keep from crashing at end of cycle.

  4. Being that prop is a short ester, it's just going to give you a spike in blood levels while the longer esters from the sust are tapering off. You'd basically just be raising test levels to above where the were while running just the sust and your goal is to just let it clear. In my opinion, not worth the hassle. Just ride it out. Sust has almost a taper built into it. Depending on how long you were on of course, it shouldn't be a problem.

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