Stomach Pain?

  1. Stomach Pain?

    The only side I have ever noticed from SD or Ergomax/Pheraplex is stomach pain in the upper abdominal early in the morning/while sleeping.

    Anyone know what this is, cramps maybe? Seems to go away after I eat, maybe gas

  2. Ya, I had the same type of feeling but it was under my ribs. Its just gas.

  3. probably gas but you could always get some bloodwork to make sure.

  4. I had the same thing, it happened whenever I didn't have food or water in my stomach, kinda like a harsh reminder that you need to eat to grow.

  5. Some users of SD report similiar feelings. Like said above its most likely gas.

  6. Count me was worse for me with m1T. I actually got nauseous to the point of gagging. I couldn't eat anything. Needless to say....methyls are not my friend.


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