EQ / Winny cycle?

  1. EQ / Winny cycle?

    Just wondering what people think of a EQ / Winny cycle would be for a first cycle

  2. What are your goals? Stats?

    Would be a nice leaning out cycle.

  3. I'd like to put on some decent lean mas. This would be my first cycle, I've done a few PH / PS cycles with SuperOne+, and a homebrew with a high dose of 1-Test and some 4-ad from BDC.
    I'm 5'8" and right now at 172lbs and about 7% bf, weight and bf are low for me right now, I was dieting for a show, and got pretty sick 4 weeks out, so I had to stop.
    I was also considering EQ / Tren. instead.

  4. Unless you're cycling for a show, bulk up! Add some Test in there and run a Test/EQ/winny stack, and add some fairly lean mass, all dependant upon your diet.

  5. i second what YJ said...def. add some test. you dont need to add a whole lot (250 mg per week would be plenty IMO for a first cycle). maybe even some dbol in the begining to give you a kick start..

  6. Bro you're 172 7%. Get some weight on. I would do a bulker if I were you. Bread and butter is good for a first cycle. Even a simple Test and dbol.



  7. Test/Tren would definitely meet or exceed your expectations

  8. Originally posted by whosyourdaddy02
    Test/Tren would definitely meet or exceed your expectations

    Tren on a first cycle?? I disagree WYD ED injects might be too much for him. I still say Enth Dbol. Only 2 shots a week.



  9. Thanks for all the input guys, it's really good to be able to come here and ask questions when just starting out, and actually get intelligent answers and feedback unlike some other boards.

    I know that the best thing for maximum gains would be to add some test, which I am going to look into getting. I just know of somebody that has the other ones I mentioned already and I could get them right away. So, would the EQ / Winny cycle produce any substantial gains on its own?

  10. Why do it half-assed just cuz you can't get test right now? Wait, and you'll thank yourself afterwards. Fresh receptors you got there, don't waste them. In fact, take a little a-dex, or nolva, along the way, to minimize the test bloat. Of course, I think the water would be good for bulking, but if that's not what you want, enanthate/eq/winny and a-dex would be great for you.

  11. Im with Bone.. test/dbol would be a good cycle.. also I would not do a cycle w/o test

  12. I concur..test should be the base of ANY cycle


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