1,4 Andro by 1Fast

  1. 1,4 Andro by 1Fast

    Have any of you guy's used this product? If so was the results to your liking? Also when if or when you used 1,4 andro, what did you stack with it?

    I'm going to use this product along with some other PH's to use during my bulking cycle.

  2. You can stack it with 1-test... It helps to fight lethargy.

  3. It's a good product to stack with a 1T/4AD combo.

  4. Are you speaking of BDC's product, T1/T1Pro?

  5. Bdc Sells 1,4 caps also and Id go 600 mgs a day for the leght of your T1 cycle.

  6. I've been using Mike's 1,4 andro for about 4 weeks now. I'm taking 300mg 2x a day. I'm taking this concurrently with One+ so it's difficult to say if my results are from the One+ or 1,4 andro.

    I haven't notice increased vascularity or muscle hardness which is supposed to acompany 1,4 andro. I also haven't noticed much of an appetite increase except from what I usually get from the One+.


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