Test only - PCT Alternatives.

  1. Test only - PCT Alternatives.


    I have been reading on here and BB.Com for a while now and am at the stage where I'm considering my first injectables cycle.

    Thought I'd start on the 500mg weekly test e as a lot of vets recommend.

    My query is on the variety of advice on PCT.

    Some say nolva only.

    Some say nolva / clomid.

    Some say you must add HCG to PCT.

    To those that have done test only cycles, what have you found is best and more importantly, why?

    I can access all the above products, thats not the problem - I'm more concerned with clomid sides and how vital you did or did not find HCG.

    (Apologies if you consider this covered elsewhere. I've read stickies but you can't dispute that when you read peoples experiences there is a lot of variation.)

  2. Mindgames,
    There's a PCT forum that will answer most of your questions. And then do a search. Thanks

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