what is better for strength SD or PP

  1. what is better for strength SD or PP

    Im am at 430 bench and i want to get it around 500. what would be better to take superdrol of phera plex. i researched the two and from wha ti ve read and what my buddy has told me it looks like that superdrol would be better for strength but i was wondering what peoples personal experiences were. i am trying to get to 500 bench then i want to go back to bulking. so i want to cycle the one better for strength first, take a break and cycle for mass.

  2. Does it have to be either SD or PP? M-TRN would be the best of all the OTC steroids for what you want.

  3. it doesnt have to be sd or pp but from what i have read they both seem to be solid supps. and to be honest i havent heard of M-trn so ill have to research that

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